A swimming pool is a fantastic way to enjoy your summers; nothing beats a good swim on a hot summer day. But, as fun, as it might be, maintaining a swimming pool is equally as tedious. Maintenance of a swimming pool is costly. Without giving the necessary chemicals, your pool may become a hotbed of bacteria and be a health hazard. Nonetheless, you will quickly discover that the costs of these chemicals are eclipsed by the sheer price of heating the pool- it can cost up to 100-200$ alone, in electricity bills!

However, here we share some info which can surely be of value for your money- a Solar Pool Cover.  Also known as solar blankets, solar pool covers come in several structures, mostly looking like a carpet of bubble wrap. This rather unattractive looking commodity may end up saving you a lot of money- and here we will be looking at the best solar pool covers, and what separates one from the other. Before that, you should know the basics of a solar pool cover.


What are Solar Pool Covers?

A Solar Cover is a big sheet of plastic, resembling a bubble wrap, which acts as a layer on top of your swimming pool. The covers come in various shapes (rectangular, circular, etc) and in different colors (blue, black, grey, and transparent).

The dimensions are customized according to your pool size, and you can trim it with scissors or other cutting instruments to your desired size.


What Does A Solar Pool Cover Do?

Its chief duty is to prevent heat from escaping your swimming pool while providing heat simultaneously. It is a fact that at least 80% heat of a swimming pool is lost due to evaporation. The constant contact of air with the water causes some of the water to become vaporized. This obviously causes you to lose much of the heat your pool possesses, so you will have to use your pool heaters to maintain the temperature of the water. This can turn out to be quite expensive, depending on your climate.

The solar pool cover absolutely eliminates contact of air with water. This causes evaporation to be minimal, thus instigating much lesser heat loss. The solar power capabilities make the pool cover use the sunlight to heat up your pool as well, causing a gain in temperature. With the solar pool cover, you may gain a significant financial advantage.


How Do Solar Pool Covers Work?

Solar Pool Covers act as a physical barrier between the water of your pool and the air, thus the water will not be able to evaporate. Humidity near your pool will also be reduced. Overall, evaporation of water from your pool will be cut by about 95%. It will also vastly reduce the heat radiated by the pool to the air.

Solar Pool Covers are usually made of resinous material or plastic and have small ‘pockets’ or ‘panels’ on them. The specialized material allows most efficient absorption of solar radiation by the pool covers. The cover absorbs the sunlight and transfers the thermal energy to the water, causing the pool to heat up.

The ‘pockets’ have air bubbles in them which provide insulation and prevent any heat to escape. Air is one of the best insulators for heat; so the air bubbles work very well in preserving the heat. This causes a cycle of heating of the pool and can maintain a constant temperature of the pool for an extended period of time. The thicker the cover is the more thermal energy it can absorb and transfer to the pool water.


Reasons Why You Should Buy A Solar Cover

Savings of Heat Expenditure

Lack of evaporation and the usage of solar heating will not only increase the temperature of your pool but also keep the temperature in a constant range for a period of time. Thus, your electricity bills will be much lesser than before, making it a solid investment.

Lack Of Leaf Load

Leaves and debris which fall on the swimming pool are a constant annoyance for pool owners. They cause the pool to be unsightly and some even sink to the bottom of the pool, so they can’t be recovered with a net either. The Solar Pool Cover, however, accumulates the leaves and objects on top of itself, thus preventing it to have contact with the pool water. All you have to do next is use a skimming net to collect the leaves on top of the cover and your swimming pool will remain sparkling and pristine.


Reduction In Usage Of Chemicals

Swimming pools worldwide use chlorine as a sanitizing agent. In presence of sunlight, specifically the UV light, the chlorine decomposes and amount of chlorine in the pool is reduced. You will then have to refill the chlorine in the pool, whether by liquid or by a pump, which carries some expense.

Not only chlorine, bromine, algaecide etc are used for making the pool free of bacteria. Many of these following chemicals are evaporated from the surface of the water, so you will lose these chemicals as well. A solar pool cover will cut down evaporation, so the chemicals are not evaporated. There will be a significant reduction in your expenditure towards chemicals you will use in your pool.


Less Stress As A Pool Owner

Above all, usage of a solar pool cover will allow you more flexibility of a swimming pool which does not have to be supervised too much, due to the layer of protection the cover provides. You will not have to worry about your pool if you go on holiday, or if you are busy with work.

Now that we have covered the reasons for buying a solar cover, we will provide information on what you should be on the lookout for when purchasing a solar pool cover.


Solar Pool Cover Buying Guide

To buy a Solar Pool Cover which fulfills your expectations, you will have to consider various factors and a lot of information in your mind.

Different Solar Pool Cover Options

Of the many types of solar covers available in the market, there are four types of solar covers which are the most popular. These include:

  1. Straight Line Vinyl Cover: This type of solar pool cover is a thin straight line of vinyl material, with a density just enough to float over your pool. The tough PVC material also can withstand the normal debris which falls in swimming pools in general. It combats the evaporation of the pool pretty successfully.
  2. Insulated Vinyl Cover: This is a thicker variant of the vinyl cover and has numerous layers of vinyl attached one over the other. The large numbers of layers allow the formation of pockets of air between them, allowing higher insulation and better preservation of heat.
  3. Pool Bubble Cover: The Pool Bubble cover is one of the most popular solar covers in the market, due to their efficiency and intricate design. The pool bubble cover resembles a bubble-wrap structure, which actually acts as pockets of air with air bubbles trapped within them. The air bubbles simultaneously trap heat within them as well. A cycle of good heat preservation ensues.
  4. Liquid Solar Pool Cover: The Liquid Solar Pool Cover is a more popular solution for those who don’t want a physical ‘cover’ on their swimming pool. The Liquid Solar Pool Cover is actually a type of microscopic liquid consisting of alcohol which floats over the water of your pool. This layer leads to a significant decrease in heat loss due to evaporation. The liquid is absolutely non-toxic, so you can swim freely in your swimming pool even when the cover is applied.


Size And Shape Of Solar Pool Covers

Solar Pool Covers are available in various sizes and thicknesses. Sizes can start from 12 feet to even 30 feet and more.  However, when installing a solar cover, size is a difficult factor to deal with. For the precaution of not ending up with a smaller cover, you have to order a solar cover which is a larger size than your pool.

Also, there is no universal shape for a swimming pool. You may have a rectangular pool, while your neighbor may have a kidney-bean shaped swimming pool.  Solar Covers usually come in two shapes- Rectangular or circular. But you do not need to worry if your swimming pool is not any of these shapes; solar covers are made of materials which can be cut with scissors and trimmers to accurately and precisely fit your pool.


Clear vs Blue vs Black Solar Pool Covers

Pool owners often wonder which solar cover is better, a clear solar cover or a blue one?  Both work fine in their job of heat retention, but there is an obvious difference caused by their difference in color.

The Blue solar cover material is efficient in allowing good heat flow and does not allow the heat to escape the pool easily. However, as it is darker than the clear pool cover, it will allow slightly less amount of heat to pass through. Rather, the cover will absorb much of the solar heat. It will retain most of the heat it receives. The pool will not heat up evenly, and the cover ends up passing heat to the upper water surface, not the entire pool.

Solar pool covers also come in black colors and deliver the same advantage as blue covers do. But due to their black color, they are able to absorb much more heat than other colors.  On the other hand, due to more absorption of heat, the material of black solar covers breaks down more easily. Black pool covers can’t cope with the UV radiation much long before deteriorating.

A clear solar cover allows the sunlight to pass through it more readily. It will allow the pool to heat up evenly and causes a greater rise in temperature. The transparency of the cover allows the solar heat to reach deeper into your pool. However, if you do not get adequate sunlight hours in your climate, using a clear solar pool cover may not be very advantageous. It may be better to use blue covers instead, whose translucent material can heat up faster.

Finding the best pool solar blanket with the perfect color can always be a tradeoff, as each color has its own advantage as well as its drawback.


Solar Pool Cover Thickness

Another factor to consider while purchasing your solar pool cover is the thickness. The typical solar cover thicknesses are 8 mils, 12 mils and 16 mils. A mil is a unit for measurement associated with solar covers, where one mil= 1 thousandth of an inch.

The best solar pool cover thickness depends on a few aspects. The thicker solar pool covers usually cover a longer warranty than the less thick ones.  Thicker pool covers also have more heat retention capabilities. However, the thicker ones are bulky and difficult to move around. It will also be difficult to fold and keep away when you want to go for a swim. Thicker pool covers also come with a slightly bigger price range.


12 mil vs 16 mil Pool Cover

An 8-mil solar pool cover has much lesser heat retention capabilities, so we put the 12 mils and 16 mil pool covers against each other. The 16 mil pool covers are thicker, so they put a larger barrier between the water and air, causing less evaporation and heat loss. They are also reinforced with more material so the 16 mil covers have more longevity.

However, a 16-mil pool cover is much heavier than a 12-mil pool cover, usually having a difference in weight of 7-8 Kgs. A 12-mil pool cover is comparatively easier to move around and easier to operate due to its lower weight. A 12-mil pool is cheaper too due to a lesser material used.

Consequently, a 16-mil pool cover has a longer lifetime and more thermal benefit. But its bulky size and higher expense make 12 mils also a good alternative. The best solar pool covers reviews usually cite the 12 mils as a great option, providing what both the features 8 mils and 16 mils provide.


Solar Pool Cover Reels

Pool owners often feel frustrated with solar pool covers, as they have to cover and uncover the pool after and before using every time. Especially for bigger pools, manually covering the pool with a solar cover can be very tedious and time-consuming. You also will not have the luxury of having a quick swim, as you have to uncover the whole solar cover before use. A Solar Pool Cover Reel can be a good solution to that problem.


How do Solar Pool Cover Reels Help?

Pool cover reels basically retract your entire solar cover from the pool, by means of a lever, or just by a push of a button. You do not have to go through the monotonous process of taking off the cover by yourself and roll it up; the reel does that for you.

After you are done with your swim, you can use the reel to get your cover back in place. Thus you have an efficient cover/uncovering process of your pool. The reel also keeps your pool cover rolled up and safe, increasing its lifetime.


Types Of Solar Pool Cover Reels

There are two types of solar cover reels available.

  1. Solar Cover Reels For Inground Pools: For the common inground pools, a cover reel must be bought which sits low to the ground. The reels are usually on wheels or coasters and are portable and easy to move around. They usually have a crank/lever which can be turned clockwise or anti-clockwise to cover the pool or to retract the cover.
  2. Solar Cover Reels For Above Ground Pools: An above-ground pool demands for a swimming pool reel system which can be attached to the corners of the pool. These reels do not have wheels but have a latching system with which you can attach them to the pool railings.

Electronic pool cover reels are the new sensation. They are even more convenient; with the whole pool being covered or uncovered with a push of a button. However, they are expensive and more complex to set up, due to the electric components involved.



Quality of a solar cover has a number of factors involved. Mainly, the best solar pool cover will have a long lifecycle. Usually, a thicker solar cover is more resistant to wear from sunlight, rain, and debris. They tend to last longer. Thicker pool covers also maintain heat better.  Heat retention and preservation is optimal with a thick cover. Thus, thicker pool covers usually are of better quality.

A best rated solar cover also has a lot to do with the colors they come in. Clear solar pool covers usually heat the pool up the best. They allow all the solar heat to pass, thus heating the pool up easily.

A black solar cover is one of the best absorbers of heat. However, its extra absorbing capabilities leave it prone to degradation very quickly.

A blue pool cover is good as well. It lets heat pass well while retaining some heat itself. This allows it to pass some heat when the sun is out.



By design, in solar covers, we usually associate the shape of the air bubbles in the cover. Basically, the air bubbles transmit heat from the bubble’s pocket of air inside to the surface of the water, raising the temperature of the pool.  It is an effective process.

Round air bubbles are usually the most common solar covers. However, several of these circles of air bubbles together leave small gaps between them. In these gaps, water is in contact with the cover, not the air bubble.  So, heat is not transmitted properly through these gaps.

Solar covers also have diamond air bubble shapes. These have an advantage over the round air bubbles. There are smaller gaps between each bubble. There is also a larger surface area of the air bubble, thus more heat is passed into the water. So, a diamond pool cover passes more heat than a round shaped cover.

There is a slight drawback though, due to the smaller gaps between the air bubbles, water which gets in cannot come out easily. This leads to the weight of the cover increasing; which in turn leads to higher difficulty in using a cover reel with it. The tubing of a cover reel will wear over time when this type of pool cover is used. So, using a cover reel may not be suitable. Without a cover reel, operating a pool cover will become more tedious.


How To Use Solar Pool Cover?

When buying your solar cover, you will most probably buy one bigger than your pool.  Unfold the cover and set it, bubble-side down on your pool. Use scissors to cut out the excess which is hanging on the sides of your pool.

Lay it on top of your pool, when the pool is not in use. This is especially in the daytime, where the pool can retain heat the most.


How To Remove Solar Pool Cover?

Removing a pool cover is simple. Just take it off the pool. This can be a difficulty with bigger pools so you can use a pool cover reel.  The pool cover reel will be at any end of the pool. You can attach any end of the pool cover to the reel, and then turn the wheel. The blanket will come off the pool and end up on the reel.

Some reels are available with wheels, so you can move it into another place. Others are installed in one particular place, permanently. Overall it will depend on the space available to you and in your pool.



Are solar pool covers really effective?

Yes, they are.  It raises the temperature of the pool, up to 4 degrees in many cases. This is the same increase you would achieve with an electric heater.  But you can reduce your swimming pool heating expenditure by as much as 70%.

Pool covers use their resinous material and properties of air bubbles to retain heat. They act as a barrier between your pool and the air. So, less evaporation occurs and fewer heat escapes. Basically, any heat to be lost to the air will now be retained sufficiently by the pool cover, leading to a temperature increase.

Pool solar cover on or off during the day?

The solar cover should be on. During the day, the pool can be heated up through the sunlight more. A pool cover can boost the fact by blocking the heat which may have been lost by evaporation. Also, along with the pool, the cover will also be heated up. It can retain this heat at night time as well, leaving the pool warm.

Keeping pool cover off may have faster heating of the pool in some cases (for different color schemes), but the same heat will be lost quickly due to evaporation later on.

Some pool solar blanket reviews may advise you to keep it off in the day. However, in the long run, it has been seen that keeping it on is more beneficial for the heat retention properties which can be utilized at night.

Should I leave the solar cover on?

Yes. The solar cover should be left on so that the heat it has retained over the course of the day can be passed onto the water. It can also collect any debris and bugs falling into your pool. Storing a solar cover in other places can cause deterioration of the material.

Pool Solar cover bubbles up or down?

The bubbles MUST be down, in contact with the water. The air bubbles absorb the heat of the sun and transmit it to the water. Air bubbles pointing upward will just pass the heat back into the air.

Air bubbles also do a job of gripping the water and staying in place, so strong winds don’t blow the cover away.

Can you run pool pump with solar cover on?

Yes. Running your pool pump on, with the solar cover is safe and there is no hazard.

Can you run a pool filter with the cover on?

Yes. It is completely safe to run a pool filter with the solar cover on.

How fast does a solar cover heat a pool?

A solar cover can heat a pool by approximately 5 degrees Fahrenheit with 12 hours of coverage. Its heat retention capability is its main asset- limiting as much as 75% evaporation, which is equivalent to 75% of the heat the pool possesses.

Liquid pool covers vs solar blanket

A liquid solar pool cover may allow more absorption of heat but loses heat fast due to not being able to halt evaporation and heat loss. A solar blanket can adequately stop heat loss through evaporation by 75%, while a liquid pool cover stops that by 15% only.

However, fitting a solar blanket is difficult, especially if your pool is a uniquely sized one. A liquid pool cover just spreads out to your pool with ease. Also, you can have a swim whenever you want with a liquid pool cover, while you have to remove a solar blanket before a swim.

Are liquid solar pool covers safe?

Liquid solar pool covers are just a layer of fatty alcohol. They are completely safe for people. The liquid will not cause problems if you drink and will not cause any irritation on your skin.

The following is a compilation of the best rated solar pool covers in the market. Most of these have garnered great solar pool cover reviews from consumers and generate an overall great response.

Solar Pool Cover Comparison Chart

Name Dimensions Thickness Style Special Features
Sun2Solar Blue 16 Foot By 32 Foot Rectangular Solar Cover 16’ x 32’ 12 Mil Blue, Rectangular UV-resistant capabilities, cuts down evaporation by 95%.
Sun2Solar Blue 20 Foot By 40 Foot Rectangle Solar Cover 20’ x 44’ 8 Mil Blue, Rectangular Quicker pool heating, lightweight so easier handling
Intex Solar Cover for 18ft x 9ft Rectangular Frame Pools 17' 8" X 8' 4" 8 Mil Blue, Rectangular Portable carrying bag included, made of durable 160 micron material
Sun2Solar  Blue 24 Foot Round Solar Cover 24’ 8 Mil Blue, Round Resistant to strong winds, cuts evaporation by a lot
Intex Solar Cover for 24ft X 12ft Rectangular Above Ground Pools 24’x 12’ 8 Mil Blue, Rectangular Catches debris well, limits contamination
Intex 29023E Solar Cover for 15ft Diameter Easy Set and Frame Pools 15’ 8 Mil Blue, Round Made of Tough PVC Plastic which increases durability
Blue Wave 16-Feet x 32-Feet Rectangular Solar Blanket 16’x32’ 14 Mil Clear, Rectangular Resistant to harsh conditions, heats pool at faster rate

Best Solar Pool Covers

1. Sun2Solar Blue 16-Foot-by-32-Foot Rectangle Solar Cover

The Sun2Solar blue solar pool cover is instantly recognizable due to its exquisite blue color which blends so perfectly with the water. Designed for both in-ground and above ground pools, the Sun2Solar pool cover can be your perfect partner for your pool-heating solutions.

The solar cover is made of resinous film which has thousands of bubbles incorporated into it. These bubbles consist of air pockets which accumulate heat inside them. The heat retention capabilities of these pool covers are marvelous, as air is a fantastic insulator.

The Solar Cover is also very easy to fit on your pool. You can trim it to your required size very easily and it cuts like butter. Cut it to your required size and set it, bubble-side down, on your pool.

The pool cover is also made of a resin material which has good longevity. The film has UV-resistant capabilities which do not allow it to break down.  The cover is also rigid and strong, which allow it to withstand hours of baking sun, thus making it one of the best blue solar pool covers.


  • Size: 16’ x 32’
  • Cover Style: Blue
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Mil: 12
  • Evaporation Reducing Capability: Excellent


1. The pool cover is thick at 12 mils and acts as a barrier between the air and water. This reduces evaporation by a mile. Evaporation causes heat loss, so your pool will not lose as much heat like before. The pool will retain the heat it gains from the sun a lot better.

2. Chemicals also evaporate off the surface of the pool a lot faster due to evaporation. Chemicals like chlorine and algaecide can be expensive to buy on a regular basis. Using a pool cover will limit this evaporation a lot, so your expense on chemicals will fall.

3. The pool cover is strong and can hold up to common pool debris like bugs and leaves. It will not allow the unwanted materials to come in contact with your pool water. This will also save your time cleaning the pool.


1. The pool cover is a bit heavy and will be difficult to use in big pools if a pool cover reel is not used. Also, there is no protection for the solar pool cover itself, which can impact the life cycle of the cover.

2. Sun2Solar Blue 20-Foot-by-40-Foot Rectangle Solar Cover 8 Mil

Tired of doing the ritual of dipping your toe to check pool temperature before going for a swim? Want to jump in without any worry of being greeted with icy water? Then the Sun2Solar Blue 20-Foot-by-40 Pool cover may just be the product you need.

The first thing you will feel about this cover is its weight. Its lightweight and this is due to its thickness- 8 mil thickness. The lower thickness allows more passage of the sun’s heat directly to the water, heating your pool up fast.

The pool cover is also constructed with a thick film which has many thousands of bubbles, which work to retain the sun’s heat and the pool’s temperature. The pool cover cuts off the water from the air, so evaporation is reduced. Heat loss can be curbed. The blue color also adds an appealing hue to your pool, as well as having UV-resistant properties not allowing breaking down as early as other solar pool covers in the market.

Debris like leaves, bugs, and growth of fungi and algae can be countered by using the cover over your pool in all days. The debris will be collected on top of the cover, while due to low contact with air, foreign organisms will not get a chance to grow in your pool.


  • Size: 20’ x 44’
  • Cover Style: Blue
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Mil: 8
  • Evaporation Reducing Capability: Good


1. The Sun2Solar Blue Solar Cover is 8 mil. The lower thickness directly co-relates to its lower weight. This makes it very easy to quickly pull the cover off your pool in minutes or even seconds. Rolling it up takes lesser time and you may not need to spend money on a solar cover reel. This makes it one of the best lightweight solar pool covers used by pool-owners.

2. Heat retention capabilities of this solar cover are excellent. It cuts down evaporation to up to 90%, so heat loss is reduced a lot. The bubbles also have air which acts as insulators and traps heat inside them. This keeps your pool temperature at a pretty good level, reducing your bills required to use a pool heat pump.

3. The Sun2Solar Solar Cover is also very easy to cut up to your required size. All you have to do is trace a line of the excess of the solar cover required and cut using sharp scissors according to the line.


1. The lower thickness implies to the fact that less material has been used to construct this solar cover. This reduces its longevity and durability in the long run, and harsh conditions may reduce its product life further. However, the price justifies the quality.

3. Intex Solar Cover for 18ft X 9ft Rectangular Frame Pools

Ever wondered, all this free heat from the sun, if you could utilize it somehow? Do you have a pool, which takes the heat from the sun but cools down quickly as well? Well, the Intex Solar Cover may be just the cover you need. With premium insulating properties and innovative design, this cover can help retain as much heat as possible for your pool.

The cover is constructed of micron material which makes it durable to an extent. It also features bubble-wrap structure, which acts as insulators for preserving heat from the pool. The thousands of bubbles each have air pockets, which relay the heat of the sun to the water while preserving some themselves.

The cover can also keep the pool at a reasonable temperature overnight, not allowing evaporation to occur as much and curbing a lot of heat loss. It is also only 8 Mil, which can make it easier for you to roll it up if you want to go for a swim. For this, it ends up being one of the best solar covers for inground pools right now.

The Intex Solar Cover is also easy to cut and trim to the required size. However, it has to be cut carefully as the film is a little thin and aggressive cutting may lead to incorrect trimming. Your whole pool may not be covered.


  • Size: 17' 8" X 8' 4"
  • Cover Style: Blue
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Mil: 8
  • Evaporation Reducing Capability: Good


1. The heat insulating properties do well in keeping your pool heated. The air bubbles trap the heat inside them and pass them on the water. Your pool will be at reasonable temperature for most of the time and you may not need to use a pool heater as much. This will be to your economic advantage.

2. Due to being 8 Mil, the sunlight can pass through more easily to the water, making the pool’s temperature increase at an even faster rate. You can enjoy a hotter pool, with lesser cost, and in even lesser time.

3. The pool also does well in keeping out the dirt and debris which could clog your pool filter. It does not allow foreign objects to enter the pool that easily and keeps out all unnecessary things away from the pool. The cover also features a carrying bag which can help in moving the cover from place to place without damaging it in any way. The cover is also easily portable due to being lightweight.


1. Due to being 8 Mil and made of a bit thinner material, the cover may end up being a bit brittle if handled roughly. With correct and softer handling, you can increase the lifetime of the cover.

4. Sun2Solar Blue 24-Foot Round Solar Cover 8 Mil

Another deluxe product from Sun-2Solar, this round shaped solar cover is ideal for both above-ground and in-ground pool.  Made of insulating resinous material and thick film, the cover works to retain heat which is supplied by the sun. No need to think twice before jumping in for a swim anymore. The cover has been proven to raise the temperature of your pool by at least 4 degrees.

The pool cover has thousands of bubbles, which is customary for solar covers made by Sun2Solar. The bubbles have excellent insulating properties which limit heat loss while absorbing heat from the sun at the same time. The cover also acts as a great barrier to limit your heat loss through evaporation. This can lead to much greater heat preservation.

The attractive blue color is also a great addition to the cover. It looks dazzling in your pool, not the usual water-stained look other covers give. It’s also fairly easy to cut and trim to your required size. And, as it is a round shaped solar cover, it is ideal for your pool which is circular in shape.

The cover is also 8 Mil, so you will not have to do too much hassle to take it off your pool, as it is comparatively more lightweight than other solar covers available. You can take it off manually without much effort. Its price is also reasonable, thus giving you a good quality, cheap solar pool cover.


  • Size: 24’
  • Cover Style: Blue
  • Shape: Round
  • Mil: 8
  • Evaporation Reducing Capability: Excellent


1. The pool cover’s fantastic heat retention properties cause your pool to get a genuine temperature rise. This can compensate for the use of even a pool heating pump, which can save you a lot of money on electricity.

2. The blue-colored film actually is UV resistant. It will take longer time for the solar cover to break down under constant UV rays from the sun. Thus, it has more longevity and you can use it for multiple seasons without the worry of it breaking down.

3. The bubbles also work as a grip system on the water, so strong winds cannot blow the cover away easily. The cover can also sufficiently stop your pool from becoming contaminated by foreign objects by acting as a wall between the water and air. Your pool will even be protected on the chilly days when swimming pools can be a breeding ground for organisms.


1. The cover’s lower thickness leads to quicker depletion of its life cycle. However, the lower weight and a reasonable price range can make for an efficient bargain. The solar cover will also not be ideal for use in a pool with a rectangular shape.

Intex Solar Cover for 24ft X 12ft Rectangular Above Ground Pools

Have an above-ground pool? Are the heating costs being a bother for you? Want a cheaper alternative? Well, the Intex Solar Cover may just be the solution you need. It can not only save on heating costs but keep your pool clean and tip top.

The Intex Solar Cover features a 160-micron constructed material which is also made up of thousands of bubbles underneath. The cover is lightweight, but because of its composition is also sturdy and durable. You can trim it easily to your required size and set it on your pool. The cover will float nicely on top of your pool with no extra straps required. The features make it one of the ideal solar covers for above ground pools.

The Intex Solar Cover also features an impressive heating mechanism to keep your pool heated. Using the bubbles, it uses the sunlight to heat up the air in the bubbles and transfers this heat to the water. The water heats up and as it is 8 mils in thickness, the water heats up faster. When the sun goes down, the cover still retains this heat and passes it on to the water, keeping your pool warm.


  • Size: 24’x 12’
  • Cover Style: Blue
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Mil: 8
  • Evaporation Reducing Capability: Good


1. A flagship product of the Intex brand, the Intex Solar Pool cover gives you a significant economic advantage by keeping your pool heated and warm. As well as using its air pockets for heat insulation, the pool cover also cuts evaporation to a minimum. This depleted evaporation leads to less heat lost to the environment from the pool. You will see your pool with a rise in temperature.

2. The Intex Pool Cover also features its very own storage bag, where it can be stored to protect it from deterioration when not in use. It is easier to store when not in use. The pool cover also grips water well and is not disturbed by excessive winds as well.

3. The Intex Pool Cover also does good work in catching debris. Pool covers usually collapse when debris falls, but this cover can withstand a significant amount. The slightly lower thickness also allows easy installation and easy removal.


1. The pool cover is only available for above-ground pools, thus slightly limiting variety. The lack of straps also makes it difficult to often put on or take off in above ground pools.

6. Intex 29023E Solar Cover for 15ft Diameter Easy Set and Frame Pools

The Intex 29023E Solar Cover is one of the most popular with the conventional pool owners. The round pool covers work for preserving the heat of your pool, while also adding a new dimension of style and decoration as well.  In its blue shade and round shape, it can be a great addition to your pool.

The Intex 29023E Solar Cover can cover a whole lot of area. You can use multiple numbers of cover in a lily pad fashion, which not only look attractive but also work very well in heat preservation. Using the bubbles on the underside of it can trap heat and pass it on well to the water while halting evaporation in the process. This curbs heat loss on a large scale. The lilypad system makes it one of the best solar pool covers for heating.

The cover is also constructed of tough PVC plastic, which can endure harsh conditions easily. Harsh conditions include the hot sun and tough snow. This increases its overall lifetime. The cover is also strong enough to withstand debris and rough use.

It comes along with a storage bag so that you can keep it safe when not in use.  This also increases its portability and will prevent it from breaking easily. You can take the cover from place to place with the waterproof bag, and you can store it in your shed without making your shed all wet due to the water.


  • Size: 15’
  • Cover Style: Blue
  • Shape: Round
  • Mil: 8
  • Evaporation Reducing Capability: Good


1. The thermal energy stored by the air bubbles heat your pool adequately and lead to a rise in temperature of approximately 5-6 Fahrenheit in the sun. The pool also cuts down on evaporation using its thick structure so less heat escapes. You will get an increase in the temperature of the pool.

2. Solar Covers are not always the prettiest addition to your pool, but the lilypad design of these solar covers can add a whole new dimension to your pool, making your pool look much better and attractive. The blue color also adds to the fresh characteristics this pool provides.

3. The unique PVC plastic allows it to survive much longer than other solar pool covers in the market. The material does not deteriorate by contact with the UV rays easily. This leads to an admirable durability and a longer period of service.


1. As it is for round pools, it may not be ideal for rectangular pools, thus limiting the pool cover’s range. Moreover, the pool cover’s bubbles can come off with rough use, which can clog your pool filter. So, a bit tender use of the cover is advised.

7. Blue Wave 16-Feet x 32-Feet Rectangular Solar Blanket

The first thing which will strike you when examining the Blue Wave Solar Blanket is its clear, transparent color. Yes, it is a solar cover, but not of the mainstream blue color. The Blue Wave Rectangular Solar Blanket boasts a host of features which give it a leading edge over the others in the market.

The clear color of the solar blanket is often cited as ideal. This is due to the fact that the sun’s rays directly pass through the cover. Not a single part of the sunlight is absorbed by the cover, all of it passes through to the water, heating up the water very quickly. These facts make it one of the best clear solar pool covers available.

The Blue Wave Solar Blanket is made of tough 14-gauge material. This makes it stronger to withstand long use and resists wear and tear for an extended period of time. It is also 14 mils, so it is thicker and stronger than majority solar pool covers in the market. Due to its larger thickness, it also has a longer lifetime than other solar covers.

The solar blanket also has thousands of heat-retaining bubbles which lie face down on the water. The bubbles trap the heat energy and transmit the heat to the water when the sun goes down, keeping your pool hot even in the evenings or a chilly day.


  • Size: 16’x32’
  • Cover Style: Clear
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Mil: 14
  • Evaporation Reducing Capability: Excellent



1. The Blue Wave Solar Blanket’s thousands of thermal bubbles also are used as an insulating layer. This makes your pool more resistant to cool winds and chilly nights, keeping your pool temperature constant. The cover also cuts down evaporation a lot, by cutting down any contact between the air and the solar blanket.

2. The Blanket comes with a long warranty, which is a testament to the product’s quality. A heavy-duty bag is also given along with the blanket to keep it safe when it is not in use.  The cover is also easy to cut and fit on to your pool.



1. The Blue Wave Solar Blanket has a large thickness and is constructed with durable materials. This makes it heavier and difficult to lift off the cover, especially if water is on top of it. However, using a solar pool cover reel makes the task easier.


For a pool owner, maintaining your pool properly without any hassle and extra maintenance cost gives the biggest satisfaction. To see your pool pristine, tip top and clean is already a great feeling for every pool owner. And when that is combined with lower costs of maintenance, can only make you feel better.

The best solar pool covers provide all these with ease and grace.  That’s why for a pool owner, what maximum pool-related websites and guides suggest, is getting a solar pool cover. And with the best solar pool covers, you can get the most enjoyment from your pool.

Solar pool covers can make a difference in your overall pool maintenance cost. To ensure that, we have gone through a lot of pool covers reviews, sorted them and cross examined them so that the inferior ones doesn’t clog your judgement. The models we have reviewed are among the highest rated and most loved ones. Hopefully, they’ll serve you with satisfactory performances.

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