Solar lights are being more and more popular these days. Consumers now understand that in many ways solar lights are better than electrical lights. It can be a very good option for lighting up your home and outdoors. It can be a great solution if you want to create a special or mystical ambient, especially in your garden and pathways. Best solar lights are amazing for decoration as it won’t need wires and cables lying around and can also light up automatically when the sun goes down.

Top rated solar lights for your indoor can really surprise you, as these lights need less maintenance but work perfectly. Light up your home with solar lights, as they will be recharged automatically and will provide you with bright illuminations whenever you need. You can also use the most popular solar lights for security purpose. Motion sensor lights will provide you with safer surroundings.

Deciding to go green and starting to use solar lights is a superb idea, but choosing the best solar lights for you can be confusing as there are many options with different features available in the market now. If you want to know how to choose the top solar lights, then you are at the right place. We are here to provide you with everything you need to know to buy the right one for you.



Easy Installation

Solar lights are easy to install, unlike electric lights. The main configuration of solar lighting stays at the top of the pole and the lights may need some bolts and basic wiring to hold them. You do not need any cable or cord, no on/off switch is required. Solar lights can be installed and used almost everywhere as no electricity is needed to light them up. Once installed, sunlight is all solar lights will need.

Solar lights are pretty much operational right after unpacking. You just have to determine where to place them. They’re safe too, as there’s need of wiring, curious pets or children will be least of your problems.


Environment Friendly

If you want to go green, then it’s the right choice for you. Solar lights are environment-friendly as they don’t produce harmful pollutants. There’s no smoke, no extra heat, no carbon emission. It is a good way to take a step to look out for the earth.



Electricity costs are continuing to rise but you don’t have to worry as solar lights are cost-effective. There is a one-time cost associated with the buying, but soon the cost will break even. Solar lights save your money as you don’t have to pay for electricity to run them and the operational cost is also low.



The structure a solar light makes it durable.  A silicon wafer isn’t durable by nature but a shield of tempered glass protects it and that’s how it can be weatherproof. With the advancement of technology, most of the solar lights now come as UV protected. As an added incentive, they come in various colors to add variety to your collection.


Energy Savings

Traditional incandescent or fluorescent lights can be used with solar panels as solar lights. But the problem is, traditional incandescent lights lose a whopping 90% of the energy as heat. They shine lights all around them, which ends up being the money we are wasting.

The solar lights coming on the market are mainly LED/CFL lights which use lower power. In fact, those lights provide 75% better efficiency than traditional lights.


Power Backup

Solar lights have a solar system that utilizes battery backup if needed and can go for a period of time by using that storage. Usually, the battery will give a decent backup of 6-8 hours lighting at night. Which means even if it’s a cold winter night, a solar light will give you some backup, albeit not like the summer.

During natural calamities or for any other reason if the power grid fails, then solar lights can help you in those horrible scenarios. You don’t have to stay in darkness for days. Even in blackouts, solar lights can be there to light up your surroundings.



Solar lights simply use sunlight to be illuminated. Solar lights consist of a LED lamp, solar panels, battery, charge controller and sometimes, an inverter.

The most important part of a solar light is the solar cell or solar panel. The solar cell converts sunlight into electrical current.

For a typical solar light, four solar cell stay attached with one another in a series connection. Those cells can produce a maximum of 100 milliamps 1.8-volt electricity. They are connected to a battery, which can store up to 700 milliamps conveniently. Those batteries will give the light a continuous power backup during the night.

As it is completely dependent on sunlight, it’s easily assumable that you need to keep the solar light in a place where it can get enough sunlight. However, it can be hard for the solar light batteries to be fully charged during foggy days. That’s why the best rated solar lights are manufactured in a way that their panels can work even in low light conditions.



1. Indoor Solar Lights

Indoor solar lights are a great way to highlight the accent décor of any home. Most popular indoor solar lights are versatile. Installing is easy and after installing there is not much need for maintenance.  You just have to make sure that the solar panel of the lights is getting adequate sunlight and the lights will keep going smoothly.

2. Outdoor Solar Lights

Outdoor solar lights create a beautiful environment for your outdoor. Place them in your garden, light up the pathways and driveways. Use spotlight to focus any special garden feature and you can also use underwater lights to illuminate your pool to enhance the beauty. By using the best outdoor solar lights, you can add a festive look along with a safety precaution.

3. Motion-Sensing Security Solar Lights

Solar lights can also be used for security purpose. Motion-sensing security solar lights can detect any movement and initiate spotlight to alert you if there is any intruder tip-toeing around. This is a great way to scare any intruder off. Some motion-sensing security solar lights are even faster in response and more user-friendly, an important addition to keeping your home safer.



Lumen Strength

Lumen level represents the brightness of a LED bulb. As most solar lights use LED bulbs, lumen strength will tell the level of brightness that a bulb can produce. The lumen strength can vary from light to light. Lights with lesser lumen will produce a soft warm glow. They usually range from 15-25 lumens. The more lumen strength the more brightness you can expect. There are lights that can produce super bright and harsh lights, like security solar lights.

Here is a list of lumen level for different lights to give you an idea:

Garden lights: 8-100 LM

Lamp posts: 120-180 LM

Room or Shed lights: 150-300 LM

Security Floodlights: 700-1300 LM

The Solar Panel

Lights with higher lumen can provide you brighter light but the most important thing for a solar light will always be the sunlight. It must have enough sunlight first to shine later. And it depends on the solar panel. The size and quality of the solar panel matters. The larger the solar panel is the more sunlight it will receive to get charged and that means longer lighting period.

Your Requirements

Before going for the ultimate one, you need to determine which purpose you need your lights for. Is it to illuminate your home, your driveway or for security purpose? Or maybe you need something that can compensate for both security purpose and your outdoor landscape.

Each of the uses needs different kind of solar lights, so unless you determine the use first, there’s a possibility you’ll end up complaining about the performance.


There are two types of batteries used in solar lights. NiMH and NiCad. You should choose NiMH battery over Standard NiCad Battery as NiMH batteries will last longer. These are batteries are also easily disposable. Normally these batteries stay good for 1-2 years. You might need to replace them when you notice the performance of the lights is going down.

Package Deals

Pack deals can save you some money than buying single lights. There are package deals available on websites like Amazon. There come in a number of 4 to 15 in a pack. How many will you need depends on your specific need and location.

Warranty Period

Before buying solar lights you should check the manufacturer’s warranty. Longer warranty means a better product as the manufacturer know the quality of the product and can assume how long it can last. It also shows their confidence in the product.

Weather Protection/IP Rating

Best garden solar lights will be able to stand long through the change of weather. To know that you should check the IP rating. IP stands for Ingress Protection, which will tell you how much protection these lights have against elements of environment like water and dust. It’s very important as you should know how weatherproof the lights are before buying them.

Dusk-Till-Dawn Sensor

Outdoor solar lights should have the dusk-till-dawn sensor. It means the light should be able to be illuminated automatically when the sun goes down and should be turned off by itself when the sun rises. So, when you are going to buy outdoor solar lights, make sure that your lights have the ability to do that.

There’s a relation between price and quality. If you intend to use the light for year-round, you might have to go to a higher price range to afford that. But don’t worry, with the quality, they won’t fail to deliver you in winter seasons.

Special Features

Normally solar lights have switches to turn it on or off or it can be automatic. But some solar lights can have more features than that. There can be options to adjust the brightness of the lights or the direction of light. Some solar lights can even change the lighting style. Some also have adjustable lighting range. That means if you want you can change the lighting range of that solar light from 1 to 2 feet up to 10 feet, depending on the light’s design.  So, it’s important to know every feature before you start using it.


Solar Lights Installation Instruction

As you already know that solar lights are easy to install. But you should know the installation process before you start to set them up by yourself. To do that you need to understand the installation instructions in details. You can follow the manual guide.

If there is any confusion you can contact the manufacturers. You can find the contact number on the package of the lights or you can even contact them through their website. Manufacturer’s websites sometimes provide their readers with installation instruction.

YouTube can be another source of installation information as there are lots of videos explaining how to use them, tips and tricks to keep them going for years.


Solar Lights Tips

  1. Take off the protective screen before starting to use them. Make sure that your solar lights get to be charged for 2 or 3 sunny days before you start using it.
  2. Be careful when you install them as the lights can break if you apply too much pressure. If you need to insert a light on the ground, you can wet the soil so the lights remain unharmed through the process.
  3. Put the lights in a place where they can receive adequate sunlight. It is important to keep your solar panels clean as a dirty solar panel can’t be fully charged. In that case, your solar lights will not shine properly and it will also harm the battery life. Solar panels can be cleaned gently with a dry cloth and warm soapy water. Make sure you clean the solar panel regularly.
  4. Generally, the batteries of solar lights should be replaced every 2 years to get the maximum performance. It depends on the lights, which you can inquire when you buy them.
  5. If there is a chance of snowfalls, then it’s better to store the solar lights inside. These lights should be stored in a dry place at room temperature. Do not store solar lights in a dark place. It would be better if you do not store the solar lights for a long time, only store it when it’s urgent.
  6. You should understand that sunlight will not be the same throughout the whole year. That means sometimes, lights won’t get enough sunlight to be charged fully. You need to be aware of the limitation and don’t expect anything high and mighty from them in these days.

Best Solar Lights Comparison Chart

Name Charging Time (Hours) Working Time (Hours) Sensor Uses Specialty
URPOWER 2in1 4-5 6-9 Dusk Till Dawn Sensor Patio, Driveway, Garden, Pool Adjustable, Waterproof, Bright
BOOMILE 12 PACK 4-6 6-8 Dusk Till Dawn Sensor Patio, Driveway, Garden, Pathways Weatherproof, Low Power Consumption
MPOWERD LUCI 7 12 None Home, Backyard, Camping, Hiking Compact, Lightweight, Inflatable, Multiple Light Settings
LightMe 2016 5 2-3 None Cooking, Working, Reading, Tents, Blackouts Portable Lamp,


Low Power Consumption

PRODELI DIMMABLE 6-8 4-8 None Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Tents Remote Controlled,

Adjustable Dimming, Bright

LITOM WIRELESS 6-8 7-8 Motion Sensor Backyard, Driveways, Deck, RV, Patio Movement Detector, FCC Certified & UL Tested, Waterproof, 3 Lighting Modes
URPOWER 8 LED 6-8 12 Dusk Till Dawn, Motion Sensor Garden, Porch, Deck, Pond, Driveways Movement Detector, Weather Resistant, Unique Design

Best Solar Lights Reviews

Best Outdoor Solar Lights

1. URPOWER 2-in-1 Waterproof LED Solar Spotlight | Best Solar Lights For Landscaping

URPOWER is a company who produces consumer electronics, health & personal care, patio & garden, home improvement and pet supplies. They design, develop manufacture and market different type of products for their customers all over the world.

URPOWER LED solar light is an amazing 3rd generation 2-in-1 solar spotlight, one of the brightest solar lights on the market. It can be hanged on the wall with the given screws to use as a wall light or can be installed on the ground. It is great to use as a landscape and outdoor light, but this solar spotlight can work as a security light as well. It has an auto dark sensor. That means it can automatically light up itself from dusk till dawn. This can be a great option to use at garden, deck, driveway and pool area.

This light is weatherproof and when you use it you don’t have to worry as this will stay protected as season changes. It is waterproof, so raining, fountain or dripping water can’t damage it. It is adjustable, you just have to adjust it at the right angle for optimum sun exposure.

This light is powered by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery and of course basically, it is solar powered. They get charged in 4-5 hours, which means they should work well in a relatively low light condition. This URPOWER 2-in-1 waterproof LED Solar Spotlight can be used for 6-9 hours once it is fully charged.

Technical Specifications

Material type: Plastic

Dimension: 11X7X3.5 inches

Weight: 1.5 pounds

Item quantity: 4

Model Number: 4 LED

Lumen Strength: 50

Modes: 2 (High and Low)

Color: White

Battery: Built-in 18650 lithium rechargeable battery (2200mAh)

What We Like

1. This light is the best solar light for landscaping. Like many other solar lights, this light will not go dim as time goes by. It will be bright through the night with the 6-9 hours’ backup it provides. It can be used for both outdoors and landscape, hence the name 2 in 1.

2. You can use it to light up from tall things like trees or tall statues. It is adjustable, the light can be adjusted up to 90 degrees up and down. The solar panels can also be revolved to 180 degrees. And the strong lumen will provide decent illumination from the top. No tools needed while you set it up.

3. This is light is weatherproof and durable, thanks to the quality plastic structure it comes with. You can use it for a good amount of time, especially during blackouts. The noteworthy thing is the sensor, which lets you forget about the responsibilities of lighting them up manually every day.



1. The good quality might tempt you to use it indoors. Not a very good option for home lighting as the bright light might attract insects inside. Also, some users complained about wall mounting screws not matching the mounting flange, but that’s a case happens seldom.

Boomile 12 Pack Outdoor Solar Garden Pathway Lights | Best Solar Garden Lights

Boomile 12pack outdoor solar garden pathway lights can be the next trendy item. This light absorbs sunlight to charge itself. If it gets enough sunlight for 4 to 6 hours, it can provide illumination for 6 to 8 hours. It is energy saving, high efficiency and low power consumption make this light very useful. This light was designed specially to provide lighting for garden and pathways. The light has clear plastic lenses and stainless steel design to reflect beautiful light and make your garden look amazing. This is a high-quality solar light.

This solar light is very easy to install. Just remove the isolator tab of the light and push the stake into the soil. That’s it. After that this solar pathway light will automatically turn on at night and will again turn off at dawn as it has a dusk-till-dawn sensor.

This light has stainless steel finishing which makes it durable. It is weatherproof and waterproof. This light can stand strong throughout season changes. No need worry about rain or snowfall. This light will take care of itself.

Though this light was specially designed for pathway lighting, it can also be used for outdoor landscape lighting. This is the best solar garden light.  You can decorate your patio, porch, yard paths and walkways as well. This LED lights will be perfect if you want to illuminate your driveway. This pure white light will illuminate the way and will provide with beautiful light to your outdoor area.

Technical Specifications

Light Color: White

Material: Stainless steel + PP + ABS

Finish: Stainless steel

Size: 1.9 X 1.9 X 14 inches

Switch: Light control, ON/OFF

Solar Panel: Amorphous Silicon, 2V 25mA, 0.5W

Battery: 1.2V/1Pc 600mAh AAA Ni-MH

Waterproof rating: IP44

Consumption: 1 high light white LED

Working Time: 6-8 hours lighting time after 4-6 hours’ sunlight

Item Quantity: 12 solar garden lights

Item Weight: 2.09 pounds

What We Like

1. This light has a waterproof rating of IP44, it can withstand water intrusions like sprinkle system and rain. It’s very easy to install. No need to deal with any hassle of the underground wiring while you are decorating the pathway to your garden.

2. This light is very bright. The dusk-till-dawn sensor lets you relax as it will automatically turn on when needed. It will keep you worry-free as it can withstand rain, severe storm, high wind, and downpour. The waterproof design of the coating lets the light always look sleek and stylish.

3. Nicely designed to decorate modern gardens. There is a sensor that illuminates and switches off the light depending on the time. The Ni-MH battery takes a shorter time to charge (4-6 hours) but doesn’t stay behind to deliver better output (6-8 hours).



1. This light is small in size. They are meant to be used as a pack. It’s better to buy the pack and install them in an arrangement to make the lighting look better.

3. MPOWERD Luci Original-Inflatable Solar Lights| Best Solar Lantern

MPOWERD Luci original inflatable solar lights have become very popular for decorating gardens. These extremely durable lanterns will add an amazing ambient in your outdoor. It only needs sun; it doesn’t need any additional battery to perform. This light will take 7 hours to be fully charged and then will go for 12 straight hours. It is very lightweight weighing only 4.4 ounces.

This lantern is fully waterproof. It has an IP rating of IP 67. You don’t need to worry about the rain or snow or garden sprinkle damaging it. It will stand through all kind of water dropping on it. This is a versatile all-purpose light, to light up your patio, barbecue, and deck etc.

This MPOWERD solar light has three settings. You can change the setting to bright or super bright and use it as a flashlight when needed. This will be helpful for any emergency especially with the flashlight mode. And set the brightness anytime as per your need.  This lightweight solar light can be carried easily. So, you can use it for camping as well. This is the best solar lantern according to the users, and it can be a unique gift for your loved ones.

This light has a special feature most of the solar lights don’t have which is charge indicator. This will indicate you how much charge is left in the battery. So, you know how much charge is left for use.

Technical Specifications

Material type: Plastic

Product dimension: 5.2 X 1 X 5.2 inches

Product weight: 4.4 ounces

Color: Multiple colors are available

Settings: Bright, Super bright and flashing

Charge time: 7 hours

Runtime: Up to 12 hours

Special feature: Charge Indicator

Battery: 1 lithium polymer battery required

IP rating: IP 67

What We Like

1. One of the distinctive features of this light is it can be folded and tucked anywhere for later uses. Upon need, you just have to inflate it and the light is good to go. There’s no battery and that’s the point of this light. You just put it under the sun for 7 hours and that’s it. 12 hours of uninterrupted lighting ensured.

2. This is a lightweight, multipurpose solar light. This was made to work on different occasions like parties, beach bar-b-ques, camping or if you want to live in a cabin in the woods for a few days. You can even gift it, someone, I’m sure that person will love it.

3. It can be used as an indoor light, works fine as a lampshade. This light can also be used as a flashlight as well when needed. The waterproof nature makes it usable anytime, anywhere. The lights can be used in three convenient settings- bright, extremely bright and flashing.


1. This light is not as sturdy as the non-inflatables. It is very light and small; you may need to carry it with care. Also, it is befittingly waterproof, but not weatherproof.  Very high temperature might prove bad for it.

Best Indoor Solar Lights

4. LightMe 2016 Newest Portable 15W 130LM Solar Powered LED Light | Cheap Solar Lights

LightMe is a company known for environment-friendly ventures. They are on a mission to eradicate harmful fuels by manufacturing products which won’t yield harmful pollutants in nature.

LightMe 2016 newest portable 15W 130LM solar light relies on solar energy, which is clean and environment-friendly. The solar panel converts the solar energy to electric energy when it gets adequate sunlight.  It has a photovoltaic panel, which should be placed on rooftop or an open place so that it can get enough sunlight. A wire from the panel can be drawn to a room and the plug should be plugged in for charging. This light is great as it is energy saving, low power consuming and rechargeable.

The main parts of the system are the solar panel, light, and battery. This light uses a lithium battery, which has a capacity of 850ma/3.7V. When it’s fully charged, which takes up to 5 hours, it can go for 2-3 hours.

This light is weatherproof but not waterproof. This light is great for using at home for working, cooking and reading. It will light up sheds very brightly. It is also a perfect solar light for chicken coops. It is also good for outdoor use like camping, hiking, fishing etc. Also, this solar powered light can be a great option for emergencies like a blackout.

Technical Specifications

Type: Ball Bulb

Output Power: 1.5W

Luminous Flux: 130LM

Total Emitters: 12

Voltage (V): DC 5V

Lifespan: 5000hrs

Package weight: 180g

Function: Commercial Lighting, Home, and Outdoor lighting.

Sheathing Material: Plastic

Available Light Color: Natural White

What We Like

1. This light provides decent lighting, especially when you compare it with the price. The blub can deliver 130LM light, which is equal to a 15-watt incandescent bulb. This cheap solar light comes with a reasonable price.

2. This light needs a small amount of sunlight to start functioning, and the adjustable brightness will help you use it for different occasions. LightMe is good for home lighting especially for reading, working, cooking. This bulb will come handy in emergencies like power cut or blackouts. Adjustable brightness is a very good feature of this light.

3. This light is easy to install. Comes with a wire which is easy to connect and use. It tends to last longer if you use it carefully. This light is portable, apart from home use, you can use it outside purposes camping or hiking.


1. This light is not waterproof. The user should keep it dry. Also, it doesn’t have a Dusk-till-dawn sensor. You will have to turn it on or off manually using the switch attached to the bulb.

5. PRODELI Solar Powered 150LM 20LED Multi-Functional Lamp |Best Solar LED LIGHTS

Prodeli solar light is a great product of Shenzhen Prodeli Technology Co. Ltd.  With this solar-powered LED light, you don’t need to worry about where to place it. You can hang it from pretty much anywhere as there is a hook attached to the bulb. It is the best solar light for camping or hiking.

It is an adjustable light and comes with a remote to control the brightness level within 5-8m. This light is a perfect choice for home lighting and for emergency use as well. If there is no AC power, you don’t need to worry. As long as the solar light is there, you are assured for at least a few hours.

This light has a rechargeable built-in 800mAH battery. It can be recharged 300 times in a life cycle. When it’s fully recharged, it can provide lighting for 5-8 hours. This portable light can be taken anywhere and used at any place. It can be controlled with a remote controller that comes with it.

Technical Specifications

Type: Solar Bulb

Shell Material: ABS

Luminous Flux: 150LM

Output Power: 1W

Voltage: DC 5-6V

Charging time: 6-8 hours

Working time: 5-8 hours

Lifespan: 50,000 hours

Battery Capacity: 800MAH rechargeable battery

Solar Panel: 6V 1W solar panel with 2.86 meters’ cable

Available Lighting Color: White

Package weight: 340g

What We Like

1. This light can be controlled by remote. This light has adjustable brightness. That means you can dim the light or increase brightness using the remote control. The remote comes with four buttons (Up, Down, Off, On) with world’s easiest controlling facility.

2. It is great for camping and hiking as its portable. This light is very easy to install. Just use the hook to hang it. This is the best solar LED lights set, works well even in low light conditions. Very handy for emergencies like power failure or blackouts.

3. The light comes with a 50000 hours’ life cycle, which is pretty good considering the price. It takes only 6-8 hours to soak necessary energy from the solar panel. PRODELI solar light delivers a satisfactory 4-8 hours of uninterrupted lighting.



1. This light doesn’t have a dusk-till-dawn sensor. So, you need to turn it on or off manually, in this case with a remote. It is not waterproof either. If you intend to reach the amazing life expectancy, keep it away from rain and water.

Best Solar Motion Sensor Lights

6. Litom Outdoor Wireless 24 LED Motion Sensor Security Lights| Best Solar Yard Lights

Litom is a leading motion sensor light brand, which makes solar-powered lights. They focus on making better products so customers can have better experience. Their 24 LED motion-sensor security solar lights have passed the FFC certification and UL test. This wireless outdoor light will solve your need for outdoor light and will also secure your surroundings simultaneously.

This solar light should be placed in a place where it can absorb adequate sunlight. Once fully charged it will keep lighting for 7-8 hours, which is almost 2 hours longer than most of the solar lights.

This solar light can be installed on your front door, backyard, driveway or garage as per your need.  The unique wide-angle design of the 24 LED light lets you light up a wide area. This light offers 2.5X larger illuminated coverage and 1.5X wider detecting range than solar lights of other brands. Maximum lighting range of this light can reach 270 degrees.

This security motion light installed with sensitive sensor ball head. It is recommended to install it on 5.6-6.6 feet high.  This light can be mounted on a wall with provided wall plug and screws easily, no cable or wire will be needed.

This solar powered light can detect motion up to 10-26 feet away, up to 120-degrees angle. It will automatically turn on when it will sense any motion within this range. This solar motion light was made of high-impact ABS material. It is IP65 waterproof; it can withstand rain, snow or other extreme weather condition.

Technical Specifications

Material: High-strength ABS

Finish: Plastic

Item weight: 7.4 ounces

Size: Standard

Color black

Product Dimension: 6.1 x 4.1 x 1.8 inches

Battery: 1 Lithium-ion battery

Battery Cell Type: Alkaline

Voltage: 3.7 volts

Wattage: 8.14 watts

Item Quantity:  1

Working time: 7-8 hours

What We Like

1. This LED light will provide you with 270-degree lighting. The motion sensor makes the lights up very fast when it detects any motion. That makes your home safer from intruders. That’s why LITOM OUTDOORS is one of the best solar yard lights. What amazing is, it covers a vast area, can detect any movement from 10-26 feet distance while covering a 180 degrees range.

2. The motion sensor is authentic enough, thus no false-triggering will occur due to wind or swaying tree branches. It can be perfect for your different needs. You can use this versatile light for gardens, door front, backyards, driveway, garage, workshop, deck, patio, even minivans. Price is quite reasonable for a long-lasting security light like this.

3. This light will provide you with super bright light. It can illuminate a large area. This light comes with 3 different lighting sensing modes; medium-light mode, dim light sensor light mode and sensor mode. Choose whichever is convenient. This is an IP65 certified waterproof solar light.


1. This light doesn’t come with a solar battery. You need to purchase it separately. However, this is actually preferable to many. As many solar lights have fixed batteries, once the battery wears out you need to change the whole light. But with this light, you can change the battery whenever needed without throwing out the whole light.

2. Placement of the switch and the mounting hole could be better. But still, they work fine. The sensor works great but it will stay on for like 15 seconds, which can be enough if you stay alert.

7. URPOWER 8 LED Wireless Motion-sensor Security Solar Lights | Best Solar Path Lights For Driveways

URPOWER has brought 8 LED wireless motion-sensor security solar lights into the market, which could be the next item on your shopping list as this light is one of the best security solar lights. The internal circuit diagram of the lamp was manufactured in a special way. It has positive and negative pole directions at the bottom of the light. This light is super bright and can go for long hours. Here’s an information in case you want to compare it with other lights, this light was designed with 8 LED, which is brighter than 4 LED but will work for longer times than 12 LED.

This URPOWER solar light has an IP64 rating. It is waterproof and heats proof. That means it will pass through different seasons without any damage. This light only takes 6-8 hours to be fully charged. Before the first use, make sure it gets sunlight for 2-3 sunny days. It is one of the best solar lights for deck, yard, aisle, porch, patio, driveway, veggie patch or any other outdoor location that needs lighting.

This solar security light will make you feel a lot safer than before once you install it. It will turn on automatically at night when it will detect motion sensor and will automatically turn off when the movement stops. It has a sensing range of 10 feet and a sensing angle of 120 degrees wide, which makes it a top-rated security solar lights. Apart from the security reasons, this is one of the best solar path lights for driveways as it will light up automatically when steering through the driveway.

Technical Specifications

Material: High strength ABS

Item weight: 1.4 pounds

Item dimension: 4.7 X 5.7 X 8.8 inches

Model number: 8 LED

Color: Black

Night sensor: 10 Lux Auto identifying day or night

Li-ion battery: 3.7 V 900mAh

LED quantity: 8 LEDs

Motion sensor: up to 3 meter and 120-degree detection range

What We Like

1. The internal circuit was designed by URPOWER; the light is very bright which makes it perfect for outdoor use. With the dusk till dawn sensor it comes, you can use it for security purposes, and other uses like garden, patio, aisle. What amazing is, it is tough, weatherproof and works well despite heat and rain.

2. The motion sensor works fast. It catches any movement very quickly and turns on itself. It activates a bright light option when any motion is detected and lasts for 30 seconds even after the movement is stopped. The solar panel of this light comes with a life expectancy of 5 years, and the light is expected to last 50,000 hours.

3. The light needs comparatively lower charging time than most of its counterparts. It only takes 5-6 hours to charge, which makes it suitable for winter and cloudy days. The installation process is quite easy, just unpin it and use the provided screws to mount with the wall.


1. The light comes with only two brightness settings, super bright and off. There is no option of dimming the light. As the light is super bright, sometimes it can feel intense. But if you put it in auto mode, it will only illuminate when it detects a movement.

2. As the motion-sensor reacts quickly, sometime you might find it reacting to nothing. But look at the bright side, at least no intruders can pass through without lighting it up. Another thing is, you cannot use this light as soon as you buy it, you need to charge the battery for 2-3 days first. So don’t wait for an emergency to come before buying it.

Wrapping It Up

Solar light is one of the cost-effective ways of using the power of the sun. People are becoming more interested to use solar lights as it is very easy to install and almost maintenance free. The best part is in the days of mounting electric bills, solar lights are a relief. At least sunlight is free, right?

Solar lights are self-contained, just make sure they are receiving enough sunlight. Clean the solar panel and replace the battery whenever needed and the lights will get going again. As we are worrying about problems like climate change, the more we use solutions like solar lights the better.

In this best solar lights reviews guide, we tried to provoke your interest on one of the fastest embraced technologies, solar technology. Governments are motivating people to use more and more sustainable energy sources and reduce carbon footprints. Within the next decade, most of the homeowners will go for solar power. If you are going to start using solar lights or already using it, then take a tribute from us for your outstanding step towards a sustainable environment.

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