“Battery low, please connect to a charger.” Can you name a person who does not despise the sight of this message on their electronic device when the battery is about to die? To be honest, in this era of technological revolution, we have associated ourselves with different gadgets to such an extent that when we don’t have access to them for even a minute we get frustrated. The frustration becomes extreme when we’re not near a power outlet and our battery is on the deathbed.

To solve these problems, we suggest you get the best solar charger for backpacking. They are the smartest power solution for off-grid charging. Using the light energy from the sun, solar chargers generate enough electricity to juice up the rechargeable lithium batteries of your device. They are easy to carry and are perfect for backpacking.

If you are a camper or hiker, you don’t have to worry about the endurance of your gadgets in the wilderness. If you’ve got a horrible boss at work who doesn’t leave you alone even during your vacations, you don’t have to worry about missing his emails. In brief, wherever you’re on the planet, if you have access to sunlight, you’ll have your electronic devices running provided that you carry a solar charger in your backpack.


Benefits of Mobile Solar Chargers

People don’t love portable solar chargers without any reason! Solar chargers are very convenient and simple to use and come up with numerous advantages.

  1. The portable solar chargers can work and store energy simultaneously while being exposed to sunlight. This stored energy can then be used to charge your devices efficiently in the absence of sunlight.
  2. Some phones are affected by overexposure to sunlight. A solar charger can be used to charge your phones without taking them out in the sun!
  3. Any kind of electrical source isn’t required for solar chargers. These generate electrical energy using the light energy from the Sun and also store the charge. This makes it possible to use the solar charger anywhere, anytime.
  4. If you’re using portable solar chargers, you literally don’t have to spend a penny, since solar energy is free of charge! Other than the price of the solar charger itself, you’ll have no more expenditure regarding the functioning of the solar charger.
  5. Solar panels are very dependable. A good quality solar panel won’t wear away easily and will last for a long period of time. And, their functions always stay consistent and efficient. Thus, they are a more reliable energy source than the others.
  6. If you are someone who cares about our planet and the environment, then you will, NO DOUBT, love portable solar chargers. They don’t affect the environment at all. Toxic gases and greenhouse gases aren’t produced at all, and using more number of solar chargers can be step towards a greener earth
  7. Lastly, as the name suggests, the biggest benefit of a portable solar charger is its portability. They are not really heavy and are very easy to carry around. You can carry your portable solar charger anywhere and use it at all times, whether it be in the middle of a park during the day, or in a coffee shop at night.


How To Choose The Best Solar Charger For Backpacking

Amperage, Wattage, and Voltage

It’s important that you have the idea about all the three things mentioned above. The clearer your conception is of these factors, the easier you can choose a good solar charger for yourself.

Firstly, Amperage is the amount of electricity that flows in a second and is measured in amps. A charger with a high amperage value will charge your device much faster than another charger with a relatively lower amperage value.

However, if the device you will be charging has a low charging potential, then using a high-amperage solar charger won’t have any effect. Therefore, if the devices you’ll be charging have high amp potential, it’s best for you to buy solar chargers with high values of amperage.


Voltage is basically the amount of electrical energy produced from the chemical energy stored in the battery. It’s measured in Volts (V). Generally, mobile phones take 5 volts energy while charging from a USB cable. Using a charger with the higher voltage is dangerous as it can cause too much to heat to develop and damage your phone.

On the bright side, all the solar chargers for USB cables are manufactured to provide 5 volts. So, you don’t have to care about the voltage of the solar charger you will be purchasing!


Wattage is the power produced by the solar charger. It’s the product of the voltage and amperage of the charger. For example, if your charger produces 5 volts and 2 amps of electricity, its wattage will be 5X2=10W. For normal mobile phones, a solar charger with 20W would be a very good choice.

Small devices have a lower energy requirement, so chargers with less wattage will be enough. For tablets and iPads, less wattage will work. But they will take too long to charge fully. So, if you’re also considering to charge your tablets, even laptops, then it’s better if you pick a charger with a high wattage.

Wattage also determines how fast your device will charge. A higher wattage means your charger has a higher amp rating (considering voltage is always 5V), so your device receives more electricity at a certain time. Thus, it’ll charge faster. A high wattage solar charger will also recharge faster than a low wattage one.

Wattage is a very important factor you MUST consider. You’ll be going long distances, and sometimes you might not get enough sunlight, and having a high wattage solar charger will be very helpful, because, it can store a lot of charges, and it can also charge your devices rapidly and completely.


Charging Efficiency

Charging efficiency means how much solar energy the solar panels can convert into electrical energy, which is used to charge your devices. A very good quality solar charger will have an efficiency percentage of 21%.

The best solar charger for backpacking should have a high charging efficiency, it should recharge quickly and store more amount of electricity while it’s in the Sun. Now, as it’ll have a larger power reserve, it can charge your devices fully in a shorter period of time, compared to a charger with a lower charging efficiency.

Therefore, while purchasing a solar charger, you should check its efficiency. In general, it’s written on the solar charger. The higher the efficiency of your solar charger, the better it is for serving your purpose.


Types of Solar Panels

There are mainly three kinds of solar panels used in the solar chargers. Each has their own specialty and advantages.

 1. Monocrystalline

These solar panels are made of minute single crystal blocks. Monocrystalline solar panels are much more efficient compared to other kinds of solar panels. They lose the minimum amount of energy and also recharge faster.

However, these solar panels are relatively heavier and harder to carry around. Although it can be a bit costly to manufacture these, monocrystalline solar panels are more durable than the other solar panels.

2. Polycrystalline

Polycrystalline solar panels have more than one small crystal block in each photovoltaic cell. They take some time to charge and are a bit less efficient than the monocrystalline ones.

On the other hand, these solar panels are easier to carry around. They are also easier to manufacture, and relatively inexpensive.


CIGS is the tiniest, but the most bendable solar panels. They can be made from thin layers of ductile metals, or even from fabric! Their ease of flexibility helps them to turn into any shape and squeeze in anywhere, to do their job.

But since metals or fabric are used, CIGS will easily wear away and are not long-lasting at all. They also have a low efficiency, so they can’t be relied on to fully charge mobile phones. However, for charging small devices requiring less power, CIGS can be an easy option since it’s very cheap to manufacture too.

You should be concerned about the solar panels in your charger when you buy it. Monocrystalline panels are better at functioning but carrying can be cumbersome. Polycrystalline ones are less efficient but economical.

Also, it’s important for you to know about the surface area of the solar panel. Your solar panel should have a large surface area. More light will strike a large surface area, so the photovoltaic cells will convert more light energy into electrical energy. Hence, your charger will have a larger power reserve.


External Battery

External batteries for solar chargers are quite important. Some solar chargers have an integrated battery which gives more ways to charge. External batteries are for those chargers which don’t already have an internal battery.

External batteries can be quite advantageous. In the Sun, the solar charger can be used to charge the battery entirely. The battery will store the power to be used for charging later. For instance, you can use the battery to charge your phone at night.

You can also choose the perfect battery to charge your phone, with the required wattage and specifications. As a result, you can charge the battery at daytime, then, at night you can charge your phone much more speedily and efficiently. So, using external batteries gives you a more efficient way to charge your devices using solar power.

The only drawback that might arise from using external batteries though, is the extra weight it’ll add to your backpack. You will be carrying a lot of stuff anyway, and an addition of another battery is the last thing you want.

However, by thinking smart you can manage a way to carry an external battery without putting too much load on the backpack. You can pick a small solar charger which has less power. This will charge up the battery which has a high wattage, and the battery will charge your phones/tablets. Batteries are more useful in charging up your devices. So, charging the battery instead of your devices using the solar charger is a smarter and better method.


Output Connections

You should always check the output connections of your solar charger. Almost solar chargers have USB ports, and you’ll connect your device using a USB cable. You should make sure you can charge your devices directly from the solar charger and that the solar charger has the appropriate USB port for your devices.

Some solar chargers have multiple output connections, which means you can charge more than one devices together. As good as that sounds, there is a problem that you’ll face when you use this kind of solar chargers. The total amperage value of the charger will be divided among the connections. This will make charging very slow and inefficient. Some devices might not even start charging at low amperage values.

Hence, while purchasing a solar charger, you should check the output connection provided, and purchase only if they serve your needs. You can go for chargers with multiple charging options, but you should make sure it has a high amp rating. Otherwise, there are chargers which have different amp ratings for different ports, but they’re pretty expensive.


Size and Weight

Size and weight are very important factors which must be taken into account. Although a bigger size of solar charger means more power can be stored, it can actually make your journey more tiring and arduous. So, selecting the perfect weight and size of a solar charger is vital.

The effect the charger will have on the backpack also depends on how packed the backpack is. If it’s already stashed with other stuff, then solar charger you buy should be the lightest one possible. However, the lightest ones aren’t very powerful.

It’s not really possible to make the solar chargers small and powerful at the same time. That’s because the solar panels need a large surface area to provide more power. A good number of solar panels are needed too, and more solar panels take more space, increasing the size.

Therefore, a solar charger of such weight should be chosen, which won’t trouble you while you, for example, trek a hill or climb a mountain, and will also provide you enough power to charge your devices appropriately. We’ve presented you with the most efficient but lightweight ones to help you choose easily.


Ease of Use

Surprisingly enough, for such a complex mechanism taking place inside, using solar chargers is a piece of cake! Your device will be connected to the solar charger and the charger will be facing towards the Sun. As the light strikes the charger, the light energy is converted into electrical energy by the solar cells present in the solar panel. This electrical energy is used to charge your battery. YES, IT IS THIS SIMPLE!

In contrast to that, we can also use external batteries as mentioned before, and it’s nothing tough either! The only extra additional thing you need to do is that instead of charging the phone, you charge the battery. And, then the battery charges your phone- this method is more efficient.

Solar chargers also have microchips inside. These are programmed in a way so that these can make amends during charging, and ensure electrical safety as well as efficiency.

The position of the solar panels is a key factor. The Sun is at different positions in our sky at different times of the day. And so, you can position the solar panels at different angles, so that they receive the maximum amount of light and yield maximum power.

You don’t have to carry out any kind of complicated tasks while using a solar charger.  That’s what makes solar chargers so convenient and useful.



Nowadays, a lot of people carry multiple devices around with them. Laptops, iPads, iPods and obviously mobile phones. So, if you’re one of them too, you have to make sure your solar charger is handy and can multitask.

Most solar chargers have several USB ports of different sizes (mini, micro) so that it can charge multiple devices at the same time. Some companies facilitate different amperage values for each USB port. This is extremely efficient and saves a lot of time.

If you’re using a port, designed to charge mobile phones fast, to charge a tablet it will undoubtedly take a very long time. Rather, if you have a port with higher amp rating, you can charge your tablet a lot faster. So, versatility is a significant factor, especially for those who carry a lot of devices and are going on long trips.

Portable Solar Charger 2018 Comparison Chart

Name Capacity Specifications Special Features
ADDTOP Solar Charger Power Bank 24000mAh 472g

6.1" x 3.3" x 1.18"


Massive capacity,

3 flashlight modes,

Multi-protection system,

Dust, shock and water resistant


WOOHYN Solar Charger with Power Bank 24000mAh 350g

0.6" x 9.3" x 0.1"


Massive capacity,

Fast charging,

Multi-protection system,



3 USB ports

iSunshine Tech 28W Foldable Solar Charger 675g

11.1" x 6.06"


Auto-ID technology,

Short circuit and surge protection,

Water-resistant canvas,

Abrasion-proof material,

Big zipper bag

AllPowers Solar Backpack 6000mAh 1.1kg

17.7" x 11.4" x 1.57"


Water-resistant nylon made,

8 compartments in bag,


Outxe 20000mAh Rugged Solar Charger 20000mAh 525g

6.7" x 3.4" x 1.2"


Massive Capacity,

Smart Output for fast charging,

Dual input charging option,

Dust, shock and water resistant,

6 LED indicators and in-built flashlight

SunJack 20W Solar Charger 2x10000mAh 300g

3" x 0.3" x 6"


Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology and USB type C,

smart IC chip, dust, shock and water resistant,

massive capacity


Portable Solar Charger with Removable Logo


10000mAh 300g

3" x 0.3" x 6"



Removable logo,

Built-in LED light

iClever USB Solar Charger 8000mAh 650g

6.89" x 9.52" x 0.75"


Weather-proof canvas fabric, amazing operational temperature range, SmartID charging technology, unique design

Best Solar Charger For Backpacking | Top Picks

1. ADDTOP Solar Charger Power Bank 24000mAh

A great solar charger for backpacking must consist of the following: a high capacity, portability, and a good conversion rate. The ADDTOP Solar Charger Power Bank has it all, thus being one of the best portable phone chargers. A massive capacity of 24000mAh can recharge your phone multiple times with ease. For example, you can charge your iPhone 6 10+ times, an outrageous amount.

The Solar Charger comes in 3 panels, which can be folded for extra portability. The 3 panels can be unfolded to allow more surface area, this allows better solar charging.  It also has 2 USB 2.1 Ports, which can fast charge 2 devices simultaneously with each device getting equal charging speed. The ADDTOP portable solar charger for phone is also compatible with all different phones, so you can charge an iPhone and an Android together with no hassle.

The ADDTOP Solar Charger also has a hook included so you can attach it to your backpack where it can charge in the sunlight. Its sleek design and robust structure make the ADDTOP Solar Charger a dependable companion in your travels.

Technical Specifications

  1. Battery Type: Li-Polymer Battery
  2. Capacity: 24000mAh
  3. Input: 5V/1.8A
  4. Output: 5V/2.1A
  5. Product Dimension: 6.1*3.3*1.18 inch
  6. Product Weight: 472g
  7. Solar Panel: 3.75W/750mA
  8. AC charging time: about 7-8 hours

What Makes It Special

1. The ADDTOP Solar Chargers are definitely a powerhouse because of the massive capacity, you can charge your phone many times over with the solar charger. Thus, you can go out of home for days without the worry of battery failure. The ADDTOP Bank also has 3 polycrystalline solar panels which allow more efficient solar charging.

2. The ADDTOP Solar Chargers also has 3 flashlight modes. The modes include steady mode, SOS mode, and the strobe mode. In an emergency outdoors, the SOS mode or the strobe mode can be a lifesaver as it may call for help or attention to the authorities. A great advantage when out hiking or camping, you never know if you become injured.

3. Multi-Protection systems in the Solar Charger also save It from overload, overcharging and short-circuits, so overheating or damage to the solar charger are avoided. This increases the longevity of the charger while keeping you safe from danger as well.

4. The rugged design of the charger makes it shock-proof, so it can survive long falls. The charger is also fully waterproof and works perfectly in the rain. The leather coating on the charger makes it more resistant to rain and dust. The USB ports are also reinforced with rubber covers. Overall, you will end up with a charger perfect for the outdoors.

What Could Be Better

1. Due to the massive capacity of the power bank, solar charging will take an extended period of time, it is better to charge using AC supply instead.

2.WOOHYN Solar Charger With Power Bank 24000 mAh

The WOOHYN Solar Charger is work of art, fashionable, durable, and does its job quite well. The massive capacity is not the only quality the charger possesses. An up to date design and efficient charging mechanism make it one of the highest rated solar chargers on Amazon!

The WOOHYN charger has 3 USB ports. Each device charges at high speed, up to 2.4A.  This USB solar charger is also compatible with all devices, and has dual input, Apple and Android phones can be charged easily. The massive capacity can charge your iPhone 8 up to a whopping 8 times.

The WOOHYN solar charger body is also rubberized. It is a good comfort to hold, and easy to grip. Being water-resistant is also a plus point, you can take it out in the rain with ease.

However, the limited surface area of the WOOHYN solar charger does not allow a high amount of solar charging. Thus solar charging should not be kept as the main energy source.

Technical Specifications

  1. Battery Type: Li-Polymer Battery
  2. Capacity: 24000mAh
  3. Input: 5V/2.1A
  4. Output: 5V/2.4A
  5. Product Dimension: 0.6 x 9.3 x 0.1 inches
  6. Product Weight: 350g
  7. Solar Panel: 5V/200mAh 1W
  8. AC charging time: about 10-11 hours

What Makes It Special

1. The charging capacity of the WOOHYN Solar Charger makes it an outright dominant force in the market. The lightning speed charging can charge your phones at a fast pace.

2. The WOOHYN Solar Charger boasts of a Multiprotection System. This saves the charger from any overheating or short-circuits. The charger also can detect voltage setting of your gadget and can adjust charging according to that. This leads to a better, efficient charging process.

3. This is one of the best portable power banks on the market. It is lightweight, while at the same time feels strong and durable. The little fan attached to it makes for a perfect package for your daily travels.

What Could Be Better

1. The relatively small dimensions of this power bank do not allow efficient solar charging. Even the manufacturer has not encouraged charging the bank entirely by solar power.

2. The charging time for the bank from an AC supply is also a bit longer than its competitors.

3.iSunshineTech 28W Foldable Solar Charger

On a long trip outside, an adventure or a camping trip, you most definitely need a phone to stay connected with friends and family. If your phone’s battery dies on the trip it will be a calamity. No outlets available, you are temporarily disconnected from the world.

Or are you? The iSunshineTech 28W Foldable Solar Charger may be one of the best foldable solar chargers. It is easily one of the most efficient solar chargers in the market with a stellar conversion rate of 22.5%-24.5%. Thus, your phone will be refilling in juice quite fast under the sun.

The iSunshineTech Solar Charger is also quite rugged in design. Made of strong polyester material, it will remain rigid in your adventures. It also features a large zipper bag with the magnetic closure system. Although at first sight, it will look a bit bulky, it can easily fit in your backpack.

The iSunshine Tech features abrasion-proof material, and a PCB cushion keeps it durable and strong. By means of hooks and loops it can be connected to your backpack, and the 4 panels allow greater exposure to solar power. You will get a lot of power to charge your devices.

Technical Specifications

  1. Battery Type: N/A
  2. Capacity: N/A
  3. Input: N/A
  4. Output: 5V/4A
  5. Product Dimension: (11.1 x 6.06 inches
  6. Product Weight: 675g
  7. Solar Panel: 28W
  8. AC charging time: N/A
  9. Conversion Rate: 22.5%-24.5%

What Makes It Special

1. The iSunshineTech Solar Charger has highly efficient charging, with 2.4A output per port normally and as high as 4A output per port in direct sunlight. The superior 22.5-24.5% conversion rate allows two devices to be charged simultaneously in fast charging.

2. The travel solar charger also has Auto-ID technology which gives it a large range of compatibility. Whether your device is Android or iPhone, the iSunshine Tech charger will adjust to the fastest charging speed possible according to your device with the help of this technology.

3. With short circuit and surge protection measures, the charger also boasts of a waterproof canvas. This keeps the electrical components of the charger safe and sound in the rain.

4. The big zipper bag can safely keep your phone, and other accessories safely while charging. This makes it easier for you to charge while traveling.

What Could Be Better

1. There is no battery inside the charger, thus no charge preservation system. You must use it under sunlight, and it does not work as a power bank. It will be relatively ineffective on a less sunny day.

4.ALLPOWERS Solar Backpack with Built-in 7W Solar Panel 6000mAh Powered Charger Backup

Camping or trekking, whatever you name it, you will need a backpack to keep your gear and accessories inside.  And wouldn’t it be better if it had an integrated solar panel as well, to charge your devices automatically? Well, the ALLPOWERS Solar Backpack is just that, with even more to offer.

What you have here is a unique piece of travel gear, a solar panel, power bank, and bag all together as one. The very thin battery inside has a capacity of 6000mAh, which can be charged through solar power or by cable.

The bag is also lightweight and made of water-resistant nylon. This makes the bag tough and could withstand harsh use for extended periods of time. The solar backpack has mesh shoulder harnesses as well which increase your comfort, being the best solar backpack.

Charging your devices on the go has never been this easy with the ALLPOWERS solar backpack. With fast charging, comfortable design and reinforced durability, it is no doubt why the ALLPOWERS solar backpack commands such a high rating on many review sites.

Technical Specifications

  1. Battery Type: Lithium Ion
  2. Capacity: 6000mAh
  3. Input:
  4. Output: 5V/1A
  5. Product Dimension: 17.7 x 11.4 x1.57 inches / 45 x 29 x 4 cm
  6. Product Weight: 1.1 Kg
  7. Solar Panel: 7W
  8. AC charging time: 5-6 Hours

What Makes It Special

1. The very thin lightweight battery can pack quite a punch. With 6000mAh capacity, the battery can charge your phones decently in emergencies and difficult situations.

2. The ALLPOWERS Solar Backpack also has over 8 compartments for packing your different gear and provides separate compartments for your laptop, books or iPad. This gives more space for your essential gear, thus optimizing it for your outdoor travels.

3. The backpack’s 7W solar panel has an ETFE coating rather than the typical PET one. This leads to increased longevity for the solar panel of the bag and reduces the amount of maintenance required as well.

4. The solar panel and backpack are also waterproof, thus giving it an edge in the market compared to other producers. The backpack is also designed to provide maximum comfort for the user with a densely molded back section, along with mesh shoulder straps.

What Could Be Better

1. The solar panel, due to its smaller size, can’t be depended on as a main source of power. Charging with AC is considered a better option and solar charging is an option in emergencies.

5.OUTXE 20000mAh Rugged Solar Charger 4A Dual Input

The moment you will hold the OUTXE Solar Charger, you will know it is made to survive ordeals. Made of high-grade construction and robust materials, the OUTXE is built to last, and will wholeheartedly accompany you in your toughest of travels.

Being one of the best backpacking solar chargers, the capacity of the charger is to be noted, a 20000mAh capacity will comfortably charge your device many times without any hassle. You can keep your devices running without a worry of power failure. Not only that, for a 20000mAh capacity battery it is also lightweight. A cool flashlight is also included in the charger, as well as 6 LEDs which act as the charge indicators.

The ultra-fast charge feature of this OUTXE solar charger is renowned. It can adjust the charging speed with compatible devices and boost charging speed up to an astounding 4 times faster than other competitors in the market. In context, your device can go up to 85% charge in just 40 minutes. There are two USB ports available, and both can charge your devices simultaneously with the same output.

With a design to suit portability, the OUTXE solar-powered charger is IP67 waterproof, dust-proof and also shock resistant. This keeps it fine and going strong in your outdoor activities.

Technical Specifications

  1. Battery Type: Lithium Ion
  2. Capacity: 20000mAh
  3. Input: 5V/2A
  4. Output: 5V/3A
  5. Product Dimension: 6.7×3.4×1.2 in
  6. Product Weight: 525g
  7. Solar Panel: 2W, 400mA
  8. AC charging time: 6 Hours

What Makes It Special

1. The massive capacity is more than enough for a long trip outdoors.  You can charge your S8 4+ times, while your iPhone 8 can be charged 8 times at least. These staggering figures should be enough to let you know the capacity of the OUTXE solar charger.

2. Smart Output further enhances the charging speed of the charger, giving power according to the demand of your device. Dual input also allows the OUTXE solar charger to be charged from two outlets, which increases the speed at which it will be fully charged.

3. The OUTXE portable waterproof solar charger is a premium product, with components made for the sole purpose of durability. Its shockproof cushions in the corner help the charger withstand any bumps or falls into rocks or other rough surfaces.  It is also waterproof, with a rubber lid over the USB ports protecting the electrical components when there is rain.

What Could Be Better

1. The Solar Panel charging speed is poor and it will require a long time to charge the battery of the solar charger with sunlight. Thus, it is not recommended to solely depend on solar energy for power.

6. SunJack 20W Solar Charger + 2x10000mAh QC 3.0 Power Banks - Portable Solar Panel with USB

If you are looking for some super-fast charging features, you may look into this product. The SunJack 20W Solar Charger can supply up to 2 Amps of current per USB port. This is the same charging pace that you would get from a wall socket! There are two ports, so you can charge two devices at a time. The charger consists of a smart IC chip which can recognize your device easily in order to supply optimal charging speed.

The other striking feature of the SunJack 20W Solar Charger is that it comes with two massive power banks which can hold 10000mAh charge each. This portable solar charger for iPhone has a massive capacity, for instance, you can charge your iPhone at least ten times. Although this makes the product bulkier than its competitors, the power backup is insane.

The power banks are also optimized for fast charging. They come with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology and USB type C ports to put them on top of the game.

The manufacturer also claims that the solar panels are weather-proof. This is good news for backpackers. Whatever trail you follow, through the depths of jungles or ranges of a mountain, the panels will survive any conditions. Being one of the best solar power banks, the US Military also uses this awesome product.

Along with the portable USB charger you will be given carabineer clips to hang your panels from you backpacks or tents. The manufacturer is a local company in the United States, so warranty issues will be hassle-free.

Technical Specifications

  1. Battery Type: Li-Polymer Battery
  2. Capacity: 2x10000mAh
  3. Input:
  4. Output: 5V/2A
  5. Product Dimension: 10" x 7.5" x 1.75" (folded) and 10" x 36" x 1" (unfolded)
  6. Product Weight: 2.3 lbs
  7. Solar Panel: 20W
  8. AC charging time: 5 hours

What Makes It Special

1. This travel solar charger has a gigantic capacity as it comes with two 10000mAh batteries. Therefore, heavy-duty backup is assured. The smart and fast charging features are superb as well. So, your devices will be juiced up in no time.

2. Its ability to withstand harsh conditions is phenomenal. Being dust, shock and water resistant, the solar charger is undoubtedly well-suited for backpacking.


What Could Be Better

1. It is quite heavy compared to its competitors. However, most users are okay with the weight of all other features outweigh this drawback.

7. Portable Solar Charger with Removable Logo

If you don’t want a bulky charger, you can take a look at this portable solar charger from Traveler Essentials. Weighing only 300 grams, this solar charger won’t be a burden for you when you are trekking or hiking. The charger is thinner than one’s cell phone which allows neat and convenient storage.

Even though the solar charger is super light, the charging capacity remains impressive. It can hold up to 10000mAh of charge. To get a rough idea, you can charge your iPhone about three to four times with this capacity. What’s more, this charger enables simultaneous charging with the aid of dual USB ports.

The solar charging speed is low due to the small surface area of the panel. The manufacturer recommends using the solar charging option for emergencies only. Nevertheless, the massive battery capacity should cover up for that.

The feature that makes this charger stand out from others is its removable logo. The manufacturer willingly provided this feature for users who prefer a more customized look. Furthermore, there is an in-built LED light in the charger which can be used a flashlight at night. This will prove helpful to many campers. However, there is no carabineer or eyehole, so you can’t hang the bag from your backpack or tent which is a downside.

You will be given a one-year warranty if you purchase the product. If you discover any glitches in your unit within one year, you will get a brand new one for free. The company also makes great social contributions from their revenues. They spend one-tenth of their profits on environmental and social welfare.

Technical Specifications

  1. Battery Type: Lithium-ion Battery
  2. Capacity: 10000mAh
  3. Product Dimension: 3" x 0.3" x 6"
  4. Product Weight: 300g
  5. Dual USB: Yes.
  6. Working Temperature: 0-45°C

What Makes It Special

1. The logo is removable which means you can get a sleeker look. You may also customize your charger. There is an in-built LED light which can be used as a torch at night time. The weight of the charger is really less, only 300g. It’s very slim.

2. The power bank has a remarkable capacity of 10000mAh which is a great backup for your smartphones and tablets. Moreover, the dual charging feature allows you to charge two devices at a time. So, it’s not a problem if you’re carrying both your smartphone and tablet.

3. Keep in mind that a portion of what you pay will be used for the betterment of society. You get to help others and at the same time enjoy the benefits of solar charging- the idea is just amazing. The guarantee and warranty regulations are also very customer-friendly.

What Could Be Better

1. Although this product is very lightweight, the portability is slightly restricted as this solar charger does not have any sort of loop to allow the user to hang it from a backpack.

2. The battery capacity is awesome but the solar charging speed is very slow making it inefficient. Therefore, you may use solar charging only for emergencies and not otherwise.

8. iClever USB Solar Charger 8000mah Solar Battery Pack

This solar charger from iClever comes with a built-in battery which is very convenient for users. The battery capacity is fairly impressive. It can hold 8000mAh of charge. Under direct sunlight, you can charge the battery by four hours. Yes, that’s quite fast!

There are two mono-crystalline solar panels that produce a combined 12W. The conversion rate is 28%-30%, one of the highest conversion rates in the market. Therefore, in terms of solar panel performance, you won’t be disappointed.

The charger comes with only one port which means you can’t charge two devices at a time. However, the charging port is quite up-to-date. It comes with SmartID technology which ensures optimal charging speed. The voltage does not fluctuate and remains constant at 5V.

The design of this solar charger is quite unique. It comes in a vibrant orange color and is manufactured like a folio that folds and closes using magnets. A Velcro strap is included to attach the panels to a support e.g. a cycle or a bag. The panels are covered in weather-proof canvas fabric. In addition, the operational temperature range of -20℃ to 80℃ enables it to withstand harsh conditions.

With all that you also have an awesome 24-hour customer service. There is a 30-day money back guarantee and 1.5-year replacement warranty. Hence, you don’t need to fear about your investment.

Technical Specifications

  1. Battery Type:
  2. Capacity: 8000mAh
  3. Input: 5V/2A
  4. Output: 5V/2.4A
  5. Product Dimension: 6.89" x 9.52" x 0.75"
  6. Product Weight: 650g
  7. Solar Panel: 12W
  8. AC charging time: 4 hours
  9. Conversion Rate: 28%-30%

What Makes It Special

1. The conversion rate is 28%-30% which is insane. This makes up for quick charging. Under strong sunlight, the battery can be fully charged by only 4 hours, this is very useful for backpackers.

2. The battery capacity is decent, you get 8000mAh. The SmartID charging technology ensures optimal charging speeds and maintains a stable voltage.

3. The design is very convenient as you can fold the panels like a book. This allows neat storage. There is a Velcro strap for attaching the panels to supports. The build quality is also impressive. The canvas fabric is weather-proof while the operational temperature range is from -20℃ to 80℃. Hence, your charger can go through thick and thin.

4. The manufacturer’s after-purchase service is very promising with 24-hour customer service and impressive guarantee and warranty. This should boost your confidence to invest in this charger.

What Could Be Better

1. You can’t charge more than one device at a time as there is only one port in this solar charger. While this can be frustrating when more than one device needs charging, the charging speed is not bad so you can survive through the day.

Wrapping It Up

When you purchase a solar charger, make sure you buy the one that suits your needs the most. Keep in mind the capacity, dimensions, design and whether it comes with a battery or not.

If you need only occasional charging, then a charger with low capacity will be enough and won’t cost you that much. On the other hand, heavy users may need to chip in some more to obtain a charger with mammoth capacity. In that case, you might have to compromise the size and weight. Overall, it will all depend on your usage and needs.

So, by now you must have broken your piggy bank with the intention of purchasing one of the best solar chargers for backpacking. That’s great! We assure you that you are on the right track. Solar chargers are really handy devices, especially if you go camping or traveling.

Once you start using one, you will realize how your frustrations have been diminished. No more obstacles in taking those unlimited selfies and no more losing out on the GPS system. Be smart, get a solar charger for backpacking, and bid farewell to all your worries!

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